First Open Education Week in March 2012

For the first time, Open Education Week (OEW) takes place March 5-10 2012. Organised by the Open Courseware Consortium the OEW aims to promote the idea of Open Educational Ressources (OER) specificly, as well as Open Access in general. OEW wants to connect education pros worldwide by providing a platform for the exchange of ideas, concepts and ressources.

A number of international education organisations are participating in the project and will contribute to the conents during the week, either by providing ressources, joining the discussions, writing blog posts, or offering one of the many events.

The latter will actually be the most interesting part of the OEW, at least as far as I am concerned. An impressive number of events, both local and online with an equally wide range of topics is scheduled. Subjects vary from general discussions on OER, education, and creative commons to software presentations and project introductions. I am sure there’ll be something in it for everyone.

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